1920's Finger Waves

The Art of Finger Waving

FINGER WAVING is possibly the newest branch of beauty culture, yet in its few years of existence it has reached an importance that few phases of the art enjoy. Very little has been written on the subject, and there is a great demand for instructive literature on finger waving being made throughout the country, not only by those just entering the profession, but also by hairdressers whose training preceded the era of finger waving and who want to add this profitable art to their beauty culture knowledge.

In the preparation of this book the point of view of both the student and the experienced hairdresser has been considered. Observations of the author have led him to believe that the training needed for the experienced beauty culturist is practically the same as that required by the beginning student, because of the vast differences between finger waving and any other beauty culture practice; for that reason the fundamental principles in the technique of finger waving have been brought out emphatically in the opening lessons. General styles adaptable to the average shapes of heads are explained in detail and illustrated with actual photographs, as well as many individual hair styles designed for the many different types of beauty.

Never before, however, has an analysis of the actual individual movements in the technique of the wave been explained and illustrated as has been attempted in this treatise on finger waving.

Many practicable styles of coiffures, both for short hair and long, are shown and explained in this book as well. Some of the individual styles have appeared in various numbers of MODERN BEAUTY SHOP Magazine, and they are reprinted herewith to provide a complete study. These styles have been selected with great care and it is hoped that the student of finger waving will find them an exceptionally helpful and profitable study indeed.

Chicago, January 1, 1930

If you could find a copy of this rare book on finger waves it would cost you at least $400. However the digital version of this book has now been published as "Finger Waving Techniques of the 1920's and 1930's" and only costs $21. As well as detailed instructions it includes illustrations and photos of each step in creating finger waves.
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