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Vintage hairstyles like fingerwaving and the Marcel wave that were developed during the 1920s have seen a resurgance in modern times as hair fashions turn full circle. In the early nineteen twenties long-hair predominated but with every year that went by more and more women adopted shorter hairstyles including "the bob". Techniques like shingling and layering were turned into an art form that resulted in beautiful coiffures.

Hairstyles of the 1920's and 1930's and how to recreate them

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When a patron comes to you . . . for a shampoo and finger wave, a marcel or a hair cut, take time to look at her closely. Before you touch her hair, note exactly how she is wearing it ... where it is parted, the direction of the waves and so on. If you see room for improvement, based on your study of correct hair styling, suggest a change of hair arrangement, and explain the reason for the proposed change. It is an unusual woman who will not appreciate your sincere desire to improve her appearance by wearing her hair in a more becoming manner.

If your customer's hair is dressed in the most desirable manner, note every detail precisely before proceeding. The particular way she wears her hair will not only determine the style in which it is to be dressed, but will to some extent also determine the method of cutting.

Where you are going to change a hairdress, visualize the finished hair fashion before you begin. Keep this mental picture vividly in mind. It's really great fun to mentally change the appearance of people. If you have never done this before, start doing it today. You really can do it if you will only try.


Begin now to study the head of each patron. Do not give her just a hair cut or a wave, such as two waves on one side, perhaps three or five on the other. Visualize a perfect, finished coiffure which will have lines and beauty to accentuate her natural charm. Then do your work expertly to make this mental picture a living reality. You will have ample reason to be proud of your work. Your patrons will be grateful and wilting to pay a premium for such special service. They will tell their friends and neighbors about what you can do for them.

The illustrations and instructions which follow have been selected to help you master the intricacies of individual hair cutting and styling. Anything worth while takes time to learn and to do. Have patience with yourself. If you are sincere in your desire to become an expert hairdresser and hair stylist, you will study every step, every suggestion, every illustration, carefully and seriously. You will put into practice daily all that you learn, and you will soon be amazed and delighted with the real progress you are making towards your goal.

How to Create 1920's and 1930's Hairstyles

1. 1920's Hair Styling and Design

- Foreheads

- Cowlicks

- Neck Lines

2. Hairdressing Tools

- Combs

- Razor Comb

- Scissors

- Thinning Scissors

- Clippers

3. Thinning and Tapering

4. Cutting and Thinning the Hair for Permanent Waving

5. Scissors Hair Cutting

6. Shingling

7. Razor Hair Cutting

8. Hair Form and Structure

9. Layer Hair Cutting

10. Alteration Hair Cutting

11. Bangs

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