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Implements used to create 1920's style Bobbed Hairstyles

A description of the Right Types and Proper Use of Hairdressing Tools for Professional Hairdressing. Using the right type of, and good quality, hairdressing tools makes it easier and faster for the hairdresser to achieve the desired result.

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A flexible comb will fit in better to the neck than a heavy comb. When working in the hollow of the neck, work only with the point of the comb and the point of the scissors. It is not advisable to hold the comb as shown in Figure 1-A, although many use it in this manner.

It is better to use the comb as shown in Figures 1-B and 1-C. Here the wrist is used more than the whole arm and you can turn the comb up or down more easily.



Fig. 1-D

The razor comb can easily take the place of the razor in the hands of one who is not experienced in the use of a razor. The blade is easily removable and replaceable by sliding the metal back off the comb, as indicated in the illustration.



Fig. 2

Seven to seven and a half inch scissors are usually used in cutting hair. The points should be rather fine with both blades flat.

If it is difficult to prevent the thumb from slipping through the opening, you may decrease the size of the opening by inserting a rubber ring, or a spring which is manufactured for that purpose.

The finger rest of the scissors is for the little finger. (See Figure 2.) Keep this blade steady, as it should not move when cutting or shingling hair.

Scissors should be used with the screw down. On some scissors with one round and one flat blade, the flat blade must be kept on the comb.



Fig. 4

The pressure of the hair clippers against the neck should not be hard. The teeth of the 0000 clippers are very fine, rather sharp and if the pressure is too firm on the neck, the result will be a red mark.

Do not work the clippers up and down the neck too fast.

See Figure 4


Fig. 3


Thinning scissors are very convenient to use, especially in thinning the hair before a permanent wave.

See Figure 3.



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How to Create 1920's and 1930's Hairstyles

1. 1920's Hair Styling and Design

- Foreheads

- Cowlicks

- Neck Lines

2. Hairdressing Tools

- Combs

- Razor Comb

- Scissors

- Thinning Scissors

- Clippers

3. Thinning and Tapering

4. Cutting and Thinning the Hair for Permanent Waving

5. Scissors Hair Cutting

6. Shingling

7. Razor Hair Cutting

8. Hair Form and Structure

9. Layer Hair Cutting

10. Alteration Hair Cutting

11. Bangs