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Millinery Fashions from 1921

This publication was part of a series produced by the Woman's Institute Millinery Service to assist members studying their millinery course. It is NOT a step-by-step 'how-to' book. Rather, it is a series of illustrations and descriptions of 35 different hats for the students to make by applying their course material. It is prefaced by a detailed explanation of the latest fashion trends in hats.

"1921 Millinery" is ideally suited for fashion students, costume designers, or anyone looking to create an authentic 1920's style hat.

Excerpt from "1921 Millinery"

"MODEL. 17. Wondrously lovely are the new airy transparent hats of Chantilly lace and hair braid as sheer as maline. Flowers and fruits seem to be the natural accompaniment for these summery hats, which are not restricted to black alone, but are produced in a great range of colors. This peach-color, maline-braid model, made over the frame shown at a, has its brim edged with a cord of French blue ribbon and draped with wide, cream-color Chantilly lace. The net part of the lace is draped over the crown to the right side, drooping in Jabot effect. Large cherries, variegated from peach to deep tangerine, and green foliage follow the line of the jabot.

18. This all-black hat, flaring slightly at the left side, is made of lace hair braid with a medium large oval crown of solid black cellophane. A lacquered wreath of flowers in dull rococo tints forms the trimming, the glossy crown and flowers producing an exquisite effect as they gleam through the overdrape of maline. An extra circle of maline is used on the top brim and extends a trifle beyond the edge.

19. The familiar line of the Directoire poke is emphasized in this model, with its rather high front crown and its short-back, turned-up brim, made of brown lace braid with a thread of bronze tinsel running through it. A fold of dark-brown satin is drawn around the base of each tier of the crown and finished with a soft looped bow at the back.

20. Soft visca braid is used for the small tam and under brim of this version of the Directoire. Two circular pieces of maline edged with a row of cellophane bugles form the top brim. A spray of small roses with a long stem is attached at the right side, while a streamer of velvet ribbon runs through the brim near the hair.

21. This transparent capeline with medium high pagoda crown made of fine visca braid uses long, pendulum-like, cut-jet drops at each side. The brim is fitted plain of black maline, and around it a row of very fine Chantilly lace edged with Creole spangles forms a drooping tuck about 1 1/2 inches deep. Six small wheels around the top of the crown produce the pagoda effect."


Preface - Millinery trends in 1921
35 Hats - illustrations, descriptions and materials

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