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Car heaters were beginning to replace rugs

In the early 1920s many cars still closely resembled the horse drawn vehicles they were based on although true car designs were beginning to evolve. Some expensive cars that were driven by chaufeurs had the driver exposed to the weather as had been the situation with horse drawn coaches for centuries before. The passengers were seated in a closed in compartment and protected from most effects of the weather.

Motoring Rugs

In order for occupants of early 1920's cars to remain warm during the cold winter months, especially when it was snowing, it was necessary for them to dress warmly and cover themselves with rugs or blankets.

While this had been the accepted way to do things for centuries, it did not take long for automotive engineers to realize that heat from the car engine could also be used to warm the interior of the vehicle. Heaters became standard equipment on the more expensive cars and over time they were fitted to most cars. You could buy and fit after market car heaters to suit cheaper cars like the Fords and Chevrolets.

Below are some advertisements from an Automotive magazine of 1922 that show the two different ways motorists used to keep warm - the rug and the heater.

An essential appointment in your own car. A seasonable gift for a friend.

You have your car insured against every possible contingency of accident, fire, theft, etc.,—but how about its occupants-- can you guarantee their comfort against winter's storm and cold?

LAIDLAW MOTOR ROBES are COLD INSURANCE, you pay no premiums on their price, yet you receive protection of warmth, comfort and luxury.

LAIDLAW MOTOR ROBES are made in an infinite variety of color and fabric, lined or not, as you wish. Monogrammed at but slight additional cost. Prices exceptionally low. Quality exceptionally high. Order now for holiday gifts.

Comfortable Driving at Zero!

THE KINGSTON CAR HEATER stands between you and the coldest wind that blows. It is a heater that keeps your car warm at zero weather, that warms the car with pure, fresh air, that can be instantly adjusted to meet your wants, that is beautifully and substantially built —an ornament to any car.

Note the new low price

DEALERS everywhere should order their stock of Kingston Heaters at once. Last year when cold weather came the demand was so great that some orders were delayed. This year, with greatly increased production, with a finer heater, and with the new low price the sales of Kingston Heaters will break all records.

FORD Model Complete $3.75
Chevrolet, Overland, Dodge $5.00

Car Heater for Winter Motoring



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