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Advantages of a Chevrolet Six

Women know style. And so their eyes instantly approve the Chevrolet Six, with its modishly smart Bodies by Fisher, harmonious in every detail. Each model is gracefully long and low — as a modern car must be — to inspire pride when you ride, or call for friends, or park before your home.

You can be proud of the Chevrolet Six because it is thoroughly modern

You will be fully as proud of what you can do with a Chevrolet Six, because of its thoroughly modern six-cylinder design. Nothing less can permit such smooth, easy, capable handling, with such gratifying peace-of-mind in every situation.

Once you feel modern six-cylinder advantages, you will insist that it's wise to choose a Six — especially since there is no premium to pay for all the extra performance, comfort, style and pride assured by the Chevrolet Six.

  • Roadster or Phaeton $495
  • Sport Roadster $555
  • Coach or Coupe $565
  • Sport Coupe $655
  • Club Sedan $665
  • Sedan $675
  • Special Sedan $725
  • (6 wire wheels standard)
  • Prices f.o.b. factory, Flint, Michigan

Division of General Motors Corporation

Source: Ladies Home Journal, September 1930

1930 Chevrolet Advertisement



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