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It was long ago that Elgin conceived of machines... ingenious mechanisms ... to eliminate the errors in old-fashioned, hand-tooled methods of watchmaking. Elgin knew that in certain vital operations human eyes, human hands must invariably falter—that unfailing accuracy, so long sought for by watchmakers, could be attained only by precision machines.

ELGIN WATCH Advertisement in Ladies Home Journal - June 1931

ELGIN GRADUATION GIFT The Great American Gift for Graduation

A precision secret of untold value imprisoned in these beautiful timepieces

GIVE an Elgin! A watch that your son or daughter will wear with pride. An article of fine jewelry, created by master craftsmen. But—more than that—a watch that holds precision secrets unknown to any other timepiece.

A great advancement


This principle of watchmaking, as perfected by Elgin, is a marvelous precision achievement. Machines that defy the eye and hand with their infinite exactness! Instruments that measure to one ten-thousandth of an inch.

A whole year to make an Elgin Watch

Human hands, human eyes, human brains to create, design, assemble!. .. Machinery to give precision... Therein lies the supremacy of Elgin. Every tiny part is assembled by skilled artisans. Among the thousands of Elgin craftsmen, more than 242 actually work on every single watch.

So perfectly is each Elgin constructed that it takes a year—a whole year, think of that!—to complete a single watch. Only when it runs true to the minute does it go to your jeweler ... a timepiece of fine precision that will serve for years and years.


(RIGHT) A smart strap watch for the graduate, beautiful and accurate. Elgin 15-jewel movement. Combination white and green gold filled case. $50. (RIGHT) A beautiful ladies' wrist watch, small and exquisite in design 7-jewel movement, fully guaranteed. Comes with smart silk cord attachment. $25.

Where deadly precision is needed—where human hands must invariably falter and tremble—Elgin has attained unfailing accuracy by marvelous machines. These machines were designed and constructed by Elgin Their secrets are carefully kept concealed.

Choose from these beautiful graduation watches


Your jeweler has just received these new and exquisite Elgins for graduation. Their beauty lifts them out of the ordinary, makes them a tribute of exceptional value. Elgin Watches are created not as fads of the moment, to meet a passing vogue, but as jewelry of unusual distinction whose beauty will outlive the years. Elgin graduation watches range from $14.85 to $500. There are also diamond-ornamented models as high as $2000

(ABOVE) One of our newest Elgins for ladies in the smart "tonneau" design. 7-jewel movement, fully guaranteed. 14-karat filled case, richly engraved. $32.50. (BELOW) An exquisite new Elgin model with 17-jewel movement and 14-karat filled case. An ideal gift for the graduate. $47.50.


Smart Elgin diamond wrist watch with 15-jewel movement. Set with four sparkling diamonds. Silk cord attachment with four diamonds in clasp. $125.