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Advertisements for Pedal Cars and Pedal Planes from 1930


MASTER SIX Sport Roadster Pedal Car

With Real Electric Headlights

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. .. .Above you see our famous Master Six Sport Roadster— swankiest model in the whole Auto Show. It has every new improvement. Own the smartest automobile on the sidewalk!

(1) Real auto body steel finished with Chinese red enamel BAKED ON! Stunning black and yellow trim. Length 41 1/2 inches; height to top of windshield 26 inches.

(2) Balloon type 10-inch steel disc Roller Bearing wheels with 1-inch auto-tread tires of cushion rubber. Nickeled hub caps.

(3) Real Electric Headlights; dry cell battery included.

(4) EXTRAS AND ACCESSORIES: Seat upholstered in imitation leather. Adjustable transparent wind shield. Large steering wheel with gas lever; instrument board. Gear shift wilh imitation onyx knob. Equipped with front bumper, crown fenders, running boa d, radiator ornament, horn, license plate, oilcan and oil. (5) Rear cushion springs. For children 5 to 10 years. Center of seat to rubber pedals adjustable from 17 to 22 in. Ship. wt. 78 Ibs. Shipped Not Prepaid.

148G 1829.........$15.50

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A little dandy! Built for strength and speed. Light....easy to handle.

1. Of auto-body steel made over heavy wood chassis. Enameled lichen gray with green and yellow stripings. Finish is BAKED ON! Length 36 inches. Height to top of windshield 26 in.

2. 10-inch double disc steel Roller Bearing wheels enameled to match body. 1-inch auto tread rubber tires. Nickeled hub caps.

3. Rear cushion springs for easy riding.

4. EXTRAS and ACCESSORIES: large steering wheel; gas lever. Gear shift. Adjustable windshield; radiator ornament; horn, dummy headlights; front bumper; license plate. Oilcan and oil included.

Center of seat to rubber pedal at farthest point adjustable from 15 to 20 in. Ship. wt. 42 Ibs. 148G 1830—Shipped Not Prepaid........ $9.45

MACK Dump Truck Pedal Truck


BIG. . .POWERFUL. . .here is the new 1931 model Mack Dump Truck. Indispensable for hauling bricks, dirt, wood. Handy for errands "Mechanically Correct". . . .Dad Will Agree.

(1) Strong steel chassis: unbreakable auto body steel seat and dump box. Dump Box is operated by lever from seat. (2) 10-inch double disc steel wheels; 1/2-inch rubber tires; nickel-plated hub caps. (3) Equipped with real bumper, loud horn, gas lever, license plate, radiator name plate, rubber pedals. Size over all 20 by 43 inches. Length center of seat to pedal 18 inches. Black dump box 13 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches. Shipped taken apart to save you freight. Ship. wt. 57 Ibs. Not Mailable. Shipped Not Prepaid.

148G 1824........................$8.98



$8.98 Enclosed body and wings of heavy auto steel finished in silver gray; blue and red trim. Rotary type motor; movable propeller. 10-inch double disc front wheels; nickeled hub caps. 7-inch rear wheels, 1/2-inch tires. Steering wheels; gas lever. Not mailable. Shipped Not Prepaid.


Length overall 51 in. Wingspread 30 in. 3/4-inch tires. 20 to 24 in. from seat to lowest pedal. Ship. wt. 45 Ibs. 148G 1818 ..........$8.98


Length overall 44 in. Wingspread 23 in. 1/2-inch tires- 18 to 21 in. from seat to lowest pedal. Ship. wt. 30 lbs. 148G 1819.........$6.98

JORDAN - Pedal Car

What a BEAUTY! Here's the new 1931 Jordan—BIG. . . .SPEEDY... .POWERFUL. With latest giant balloon type wheels; smooth riding roller bearings.

(1) Genuine Auto Steel Body enameled Yale blue with light blue and yellow trim; black fenders, undergear. dummy headlights, horn, steering wheel. Real cushion springs in rear. Length Over all 40 1/2 inches.

(2) Double Disc 10 1/4-in. Wheels are Balloon Type. 1-inch Auto Tread tires. Roller bearings. Adjustable Rubber pedals.

(3) License plates; bumper; radiator ornament. Transparent unbreakable wind-shield; Dummy brake; shelf with clip and oilcan inside hood. Jordan name plate.

For children with 19 to 22 1/2-in. inseam measure. Shipped Not Prepaid.

148G 1808—Ship. wt. 56 Ibs...... $10.98

Little Motorists Pedal Car 3 1/2 to 6 Yrs.

Sturdy steel enameled red; yellow trim. $5.75 Dummy gas lever. Steel bumper; nickeled hub caps. Height 22 in. Length 34 1/2 inches. Length from center of seat to pedal farthest 16 1/2 in. Shipped Not Prepaid.

Disc Wheel Model Has 9 3/4-inch steel disc wheels; 1/2-inch corrugated rubber tires. Ship. wt. 36 pounds. 148G 1831...... $5.75

Spoke Wheel Model

Has 9 3/4-inch double spoke steel wheels; 3/8-inch corrugated rubber tires. Ship. wt. 33 Ibs.

148G 1832........$4.98

SOURCE: Pedal Cars and Pedal Planes from Montgomery Ward Catalog - Fall/Winter 1930-31




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