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The information is 93 years old. It is like having a dressmaker from the 1920's standing by your side and giving you first hand knowledge - not a modern interpretation. She will describe the styles, materials, colors and techniques necessary to make genuine 1920's dresses.

1920 Fall-Winter Fashions for Women

This compilation includes 1920 Dress information as published by the Woman's Institute Fashion Service magazine, Fall and Winter edition 1920-1921..


The Woman's Institute Fashion Service is dedicated to members of the Woman's Institute who are studying the subject of dressmaking and designing. Its purpose is to serve by giving current fashions with a key to their development through accompanying text.


Two numbers, the Fall-and-Winter Service and the Spring-and-Summer Service, will be presented to every Woman's Institute dressmaking student whose record shows her to be interested and eager for advancement.

Once the principles of design, which include color, line, and fabric, and of construction, which include cutting, fitting, and finishing, are understood, beautiful garments will result. This book comes to you as an aid to this desired goal. Read the text of every page and reason out the why of every illustration and description that your comprehension of designing and construction may be enlarged and your appreciation made more acute.

For the rest, the hope is that the book, with its counsel, will prove helpful in planning and developing your own clothes for the seasons just approaching.

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Other Chapters: 1920 Fall-Winter Womens Fashions | Waist-Line Dress | One-Piece Coat Dress | Tuxedo-Scarf Dress | Long-Waisted Dress | Kimono Waist-Line Dress | Long-Tunic Dress | Straight-Line Dress | Over-blouse Dress



The One Hour Dress
Instructions for making a flapper dress based on a genuine 1920's dress pattern.

Fingerwave Hairstyles
Lessons on how to create fingerwave hairstyles based on 1920's movie star hairstyles.

Cutting and Styling Hair
A 1920's hairdresser teaches cutting and styling techniques for Bobbed hair.

1920's Haircare and Hairstyles
Pictures of 1927 Ladies Hairstyles and haircare information from Actress Ann Harding.

Home Millinery Lessons
Simple instructions on the basics of making a hat of the period.

1920 Fall-Winter Fashions
1920 Dress information as published by the Woman's Institute Fashion Service magazine, Fall and Winter edition 1920-1921 to help women plan and develop their own clothes for the approaching Winter.

Female Motoring Fashion Advice - 1917
Fashion tips for Women driving in Automobiles