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Obtaining Frames, Materials, and Trimmings for Hats

It is much the best to get frames ready made. A good plan is for a group of women to send to the nearest large city to a good store for a dozen assorted frames, which will cost $3. Among these each will find one or two that will be becoming. Frames are twenty-five cents each usually, and the express on the parcel will add only two or three cents to each.

In the same way several women may send for an assortment of felt or straw hats for themselves and their little girls, giving some directions as to colors and prices. The stores will mail price lists on application, but hats run from fifty cents, or even less, up to $2 or $3; but a fairly good quality can always be bought for $1 or $1.50. It is well not to order materials and trimmings till you have selected shape or hat.

The magazines contain many good designs that can be copied at home, and it is a good plan to cut out what one likes and send it to the store, asking them to send the nearest they can get to that shape. In that case you may be able to get the trimmings at the same time, setting a limit price to the whole.

One of the most difficult things for the amateur is to calculate the quantity of materials required for the copying of a picture of a hat. A simple guide is the nose, which is on an average two inches long; judge then of the relative length of the bows or other parts of the hat by the nose of the picture, and from this calculate the whole; remember that the loops of bows are double.

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