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Antique Kirsch Drapery Rods

DON'T think that all flat curtain rods are alike. The Kirsch Rod is decidedly different. Five minutes spent studying its distinctive features will reveal how the usual "rod troubles" have been absolutely eliminated—it's as modern and as far ahead of ordinary rods as the eight cylinder motor car is advanced over the vehicle of the nineties. Its many practical features are backed by 23 years of experience and use in approximately 20,000,000 homes.

The Heart of the Rod

  • the bracket is the heart of any rod.
  • the Kirsch bracket (and method of attaching the rod) is distinctly different from all others.
  • the bracket is invisible when the rod is in place.
  • the rod "tilts" instantly into place. Firm and secure — no chance to come down accidentally. But "tilts" off instantly when you want to take it down.
  • does away with rights and lefts—no up or down sides.Put the curtain on the rod and it's automatically "right side up"—ready for hanging.
  • unlike other brackets the Kirsch bracket permits one person to put up long rods from either side of wide windows — you don't have to balance on a stepladder at the middle of the window trying to attach or detach the rod to or from the brackets.

Durability Built In


Several things make Kirsch Extension Curtain Rods durable.

  • they have an invisible reinforcing—a doubled under edge — this gives a surplus of strength without needless weight — light but strong — they do not bend, twist or sag.
  • then the exquisite StippleTone design in a rich satin stripe effect — not only pleasing and distinctive, but permanent—insuring against discoloration of curtains by the hardware.finished as painstakingly as the finest automobile—three coats are sprayed and baked on. Through long years of service, they will remain like new, resisting rust even in salt air.
  • Kirsch Rods can be easily made to fit every window in every home you ever live in.
  • with Kirsch Rods you can fit the widest and narrowest windows.
  • Kirsch one-piece extension sections (sold everywhere) build up a Kirsch Extension Rod to any length in a simple, practical manner.
  • with Kirsch one-piece extension sections long rods can be built with fewer parts than any other type of extension section.
  • and a Kirsch Extension Rod bought in New York will match and fit exactly a Kirsch Bracket bought in San Francisco. They are universally interchangeable.
  • Kirsch Extension Rods last a lifetime.

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